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Saturday, 26 January 2008 11:44

A guide to the basic HiveMind customisation options that can be configured in the the Joomla Administrator console.


The PNGfix

You can turn off or on the pngfix with this setting. More info at our Tutorial Site.

Font Spans

With the following setting enabled, you can have multi-colored headers.


You can have different font styles by setting this to true.


With the following setting, you can choose what font you would like sifr to display.

Font Family

You can choose which font you would like to use for your titles.

Sidebar Width

With the following setting, you can choose the width of the sidebar.

Sidebar Location

With this setting, choose to have the sidebar placed on the left or right of the mainbody. The name of the module positions changes to reflect left or right.

Menu Style

HiveMind has 5 different looks for your menu that you can choose from in the configuration.

Default Font

Based on your own personal preference, you can set the default font size.

Font Buttons

You can enable or disable the font sizer buttons that will display at the top of the template.

Show Pathway

This setting controls whether the pathway appears on your site.

Module Slider

There is now a convenient toggle to show the tabbed modules or not.

Module List

With the setting illustrated below, you can control the aspects of the integrated rokslide feature to a great extent. You can control the tab title and also the module position which appears in each of the tabs.

In the code snippet, we have 5 lines, each line controls a single tab. Each line is segregated into 2 distinct parts. These are Tab Title, which controls the Tab Title. The second part is Module Position.
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Default Style

HiveMind has 2, pre-made styles that can be easily selected from the option shown below. Simply change the settings between the two " " tags to your style of choice.

RokZoom Enabled

RokZoom, a powerful and presentationally excellent script can sometimes come into conflict with other javascript libraries, you can disable it with the following settings.

Template Width

You have the ability to select, with ease, the width of the template. The setting below is what you edit to either reduce or increase templates width.

Menu Name

The following parameter controls which Joomla! menu is loaded for the horizontal navigation bar. Therefore, you can use a custom menu instead of a default menu such as "tab-menu" or use another default menu such as "topmenu".

Menu Type

HiveMind has 4 options for the horizontal navigation bar. You can either, select moomenu, the latest menu addition; suckerfish, the basic vertical dropdown menu; splitmenu, the popular classic or have the area as a separate module position.

Module Count

The module configuration variable below controls how many consecutive modules you can have for a position.