Richard Auwerda becomes a GOP delegate
Saturday, 23 January 2010 10:39

Richard Auwerda attended his caucus today, and was honored to be nominated, elected and officially become a delegate.

"I am honored to serve by defending Liberty, demanding Integrity and return the governing to "WE THE PEOPLE" - Under the GRACE of GOD! Becoming a GOP delegate is a serious matter for me. I ask that you pray for me: That I humbly allow God to use me in His battles; rather than, in arrogance and lack of grace, make the mistake of thinking I'm fighting God's battles."

"That instead of appearing judgemental as a Christian, WITH FLAWS of my own; Let it be seen in me that "Christ came, not to condem the world (us), but to save us..." , and Jesus accepts us where we are at and causes us to grow (and if he can accept me with my flaws - no one is left out). That I know when to "Stand Firm with the full armor of God - Yet above all, that I learn to listen like Samuel did ( I Samuel 8:6-9) ...being able to discern God's will from mine." -Richard

Richard Auwerda becomes a GOP delegate.